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Folding Flettner Rotor Wing

THiiiNK has developed new patented technologies to optimise performance

Thiiink_Foldingflettner_300px_200913 THiiiNK has developed and patented new technologies to optimise the performance and adoption of Flettner Rotors. THiiiNKSail© uses large scale rotors, fitted with a sail flap which gives superior performance particularly for more narrow upwind tacks.

The THiiiNK folding flettner rotors (RFR’s) can be hydraulically folded onto a vessel’s deck. This provides easier access to ports, the ability to navigate bridges, the ability to stow the rotors in adverse weather conditions whilst at sea. It also minimises interference with loading of cargoes and other operations at port.


 image1Folded rotor deck clearance 3 meters
  • Loading and discharging operations
  • Passing under bridges
  • Stowed in adverse weather or straight headwinds
  • Improved Rotor performance by 50% or more
  • IRR of up to 55% compared to a standard rotor
  • Improved upwind performance from 40° to 25°




Thiiink_Web_FoldingFlettner_billede2_200x150px The THiiiNKsail© RFR flettner rotor system is controlled by software and monitored from the bridge. It requires no additional crew. The system has been developed and tested both in tank tests and in full-scale sea trials. It is suitable for inclusion in new-build designs and ,importantly, can be retrofitted on existing vessels