Our Thought's are Simple intelligent industrial innovation will lead to Reducing risk = Investing green = Reduced Fuel Burn = Reduced Cost = Extra Profit = Reduced Co2..!

Flettner rotor

Welcome to THiiiNK – European leaders in intelligent industrial innovation.


THiiiNK is dedicated to creating the most advanced technology to reduce fuel consumption and emissions in the transport industry.  We believe that there is significant scope for transport, in particular shipping, to harness new technological solutions to achieve cleaner and more efficient performance. THiiiNK has brought together the leading scientists, engineers and manufacturers in Europe to make this happen.
The Flettner Rotor is a large rotating cylinder that harnesses wind power via the “Magnus effect” when installed on a vessel. Flettner Rotors were first developed in the 1920´s but have not been properly commercialised. THiiiNK has developed a new version of the FLETTNER ROTOR with significant enhancements to its fuel saving characteristics. The THiiiNKsail© rotor is large-scale and incorporates an innovative wing flap to enhance performance, creating enough lift and thrust to supply more than a quarter of the power needed for a standard ocean crossing. THiiiNKsail© flettner rotors can be folded when not in use via a hydraulic mechanism. THiiiNKsail© will dramatically reduce operating costs and emissions for ship owners by bringing  wind power back to the future!